Michael O’Shea authors “Records and Information Management

Michael O’Shea, President of The Information Professionals, is the current author of Thomson/Carswell Publishing’s “Records and Information Management“.

Authorship“Records and Information Management” is a comprehensive guide designed especially for information management, legal, and accounting professionals. It provides a complete reference to the principles and practices of records retention and information management and to the legal obligations of Canadian businesses to retain documents and files. This book deals with a wide range of issues related to managing information, retention, accessibility, value and permissible destruction of business and professional records under federal and provincial statutes.

Highlights include:

  • records retention and filing issues under Canadian tax laws access to records under federal and provincial legislation
  • employment and other major workplace records
  • specialized information for specific organizations such as law firms, accounting firms, business
  • security and confidentiality of professional and business records are also examined as are records retention issues related to insolvencies

Recent supplements have included topics such as Privacy, Electronic Records, Sarbanes-Oxley, Archives, Vital Records and Disaster Recovery, Workplace Safety Records, Employment Records, Intellectual Property, Law Firm Records, Environmental Law, Corporate Dissolution and Cloud Computing.  All of the previous chapters have been revised and updated. The publication is available in both paper and electronic formats.

Suggestions for other supplements are invited. Simply e-mail them using the “Contact” form.

Michael O’Shea is also the co-author of “Records and Information Management Audit Toolkit”, Carswell’s online tool for auditing a company’s information management program and practices by using national and international standards as a baseline.  It also provides a methodology and forms for tracking program improvements and assigning tasks to individuals or departments.