Recent Projects

Property and Casualty Insurance Company processes go paperless

The Information Professionals was engaged by a property and casualty insurance company to review some of their processes and to redesign them for a paperless environment.

The concerned processes were 1) the procurement and payment of invoices and 2) policy printing and distribution to brokers and insured persons. As part of this project, we developed process flowcharts for the current and revised process of procurement and invoice payment.

We also developed an implementation plan that included scanning of documents upon receipt and processing them in an entirely paperless environment.

The electronic distribution of policies through broker portals resulted in savings of over $650,000 annually.


Paperless Human Resources Department

A major communications company had implemented a number of employee specific applications aimed at reducing the amount of paper and increasing staff efficiency and access to information.  Unfortunately, a mass of paper records remained, either because they could not be accommodated within the applications or they were outside of the scope.  The Information Professionals developed a structure for all of these documents that could be accessed directly by staff as they saved documents they created or by uploading documents that had been imaged.  Access to the documents was achieved using the standard security features of one of the main applications. 


SharePoint Implementation

Two Ontario Health agencies have engaged The Information Professionals in separate projects to develop their classification and taxonomy structures and to implement them using SharePoint 2007 and 2010. The projects involved working with the users to develop the information structure and to define the metadata for all record series. We also worked with the system integrators to upload the classification, metadata, retention and security to SharePoint.

One of North America’s largest property management companies has contracted with The Information Professionals to be the Project Manager for the implementation of a lease management system that will use a combination of Microsoft SharePoint, Canon eCopy and OmniRIM which currently manages their paper files across Canada. We are managing both the Proof of Concept which will encompass integration of the 3 software products that have never been integrated before as well as the full implementation in all Canadian offices.


LiveLink Implementation

A large financial institution for whom we have completed several projects, has engaged us to work with their internal project team on the implementation of a LiveLink system. Our involvement includes:

  • drafting a new policy to cover the change in media and processes;
  • managing the migration of over 19 million documents from a combination of microfiche and paper to image format;
  • developing, implementing and training staff on procedures for the capture of all incoming mail using Ascent Capture with Virtual Rescan
  • developing procedures for the Records personnel to manage the new formats;
  • training staff on the new Records Management procedures; and
  • developing standards for electronic forms management.


Municipal Information Management

A municipality that is expecting to double in population within the next 15 years hired The Information Professionals to review its current practices and to recommend a strategy for moving from fractured, individual control of paper records to a corporate-wide program that encompasses policies, procedures, classification, retention, disaster recovery and other key program components on all media.

Two other municipalities have engaged us to work with their staff to develop a detailed set of system requirements for software to manage their information resources. In one municipality the initial focus is on the management of physical files with a plan to move to full document management in 2 to 3 years.  The other municipality has identified an immediate need to acquire and implement a document management system to manage records on all media.  In both instances we will be managing the Request for Proposals process and will assist in implementation. 


Electronic Patient Records System

The Information Professionals has been chosen as the Project Leader for one of Canada’s largest hospitals as it moves from a paper-intensive environment to one that has no paper. This multi-year project will include conversion of more than 12 million pages of patient information to an image format and integration of the image system with the clinical databases so that clinicians will have a single point of access to all patient information. 


National Strategic Plan for Information Management

One of Canada’s largest professional services firms has engaged us to analyze their current practices for managing their information resources in all of their offices across Canada. The project will include both their administrative/financial records as well as those produced as part of engagements with clients.  We will include reviews of efficiency and effectiveness of systems covering all media as well as an assessment of compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and standard industry guidelines. We will be providing a 5 year strategic plan, complete with all resources required to rectify deficiencies, build upon strengths and provide a solid base for continuous improvements. 


Strategic Plan for Information Management and Archives

Two adjoining municipalities contracted with us to do a review of their current information management practices including their archival records.  We conducted interviews throughout both municipalities and surveyed storage areas to measure their suitability for archival records.  We developed a strategic plan that addressed both the needs of each municipality and provided parameters for a shared facility for inactive and archival records.  We also trained staff in both municipalities in the implementation of a standard classification scheme and corresponding retention schedules. 


Disaster Recovery Planning

As part of a continuing Disaster Recovery Program, we worked with senior client personnel to develop the priorities and schedule for recovery of various functions following a disaster. Previously we had worked with this client to develop both the policy and the high-level procedures for the planning phase aimed at preventing and/or mitigating the effect of disasters of various types.  As part of the program development we conducted tabletop exercises to test the capability of the corporation to meet the agreed schedules.